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Create and publish your ESG Statement and receive a Sustainability Rating by answering surveys based on international standards

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The theme of Sustainability has ultimately become central both in the perception of public opinion and in the plans of institutions. It finds its international declination in the acronym ESG - Environment, Social, Governance - also used to describe all financial activities that take into account environmental, social and governance aspects to define an investment responsible.

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ESG Statement

Publish an ESG Statement about your performance and actions towards ESG principles through a questionnaire based on international standards

ESG Rating

Obtain an ESG Rating measuring the compliance to ESG principles of your company

Why ESG Portal

Prove your sustainability and communicate your commitment towards ESG matters, gain visibility and get potential customers or sustainable suppliers and partners

Ethical Reasons

Thanks to ESG Portal, companies have access to a tool to measure, communicate and improve their performance in the field of Sustainable Development and show their concrete contribution to ESG Principles.

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Commercial Reasons

ESG Portal is a powerful communication tool for any company. The web platform can be viewed by an infinite number of potential customers who prefer to involve in their supply chain subjects committed to Sustainability.

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Legal Reasons

ESG Portal allows companies to focus on key regulatory aspects, encouraging compliance and improvement paths useful for avoiding sanctions and repercussions on Business Continuity.

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Create and publish your ESG Statement to show your results and actions in the field of Sustainability using a shared and internationally recognized model, or get an ESG Rating.

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Get free access to the ESG Statements of the companies that have joined ESG Portal to see their commitment to Sustainable Development.

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ESG Portal
Benefit Corporation

The “S.r.l. Società Benefit (SB)”, (known in the U.S. as Benefit Corporation), introduced in 2016 in the Italian legal system, is a new legal status for companies representing an evolution of the very concept of Company, thus allowing ESG Portal to use its business as a positive force to create lasting and shared prosperity for society as a whole.

While traditional companies exist with the only purpose to distribute dividends to their shareholders, Benefit Corporations are the expression of a more highly evolved kind of organization. In their corporate purpose, they combine the profit targets with the objective to have a positive impact on both the society and the biosphere.

The Benefit Corporation is a new legal tool which creates a solid foundation for long term mission alignment and shared value creation. Part of the profits is allocated for mutual benefit initiatives, as declared in our corporate bylaws.

ESG Portal

Create and publish your ESG Statement and receive a Sustainability Rating by answering surveys based on international standards

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