Commercial Reasons

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Commercial Reasons

ESG Portal is a powerful communication tool for every Company. What are the commercial advantages of joining the platform?

  • ESG Portal has an international outreach and represents an important resource for all the potential customers that prefer to work with companies operating in the sustainability chain. These organizations are already publishing social reports and sustainability reports.
  • ESG Portal is a tool through which businesses can show their transparency and compliance with the law, thereby increasing their appeal to the market that is increasingly looking for guarantees concerning integrity and reputation. The risk of being involved in complex dynamics, which might have a negative impact on the company image, forces customers to be equipped with sophisticated instruments, which support them in the research and selection of suppliers and partners.

  • Joining ESG Portal represents a great improvement to the corporate image of your Company. Thanks to increasingly indispensable messages of adherence to the ESG sustainability principles, a new image of your organization can be spread to all interested parties, both in the territory in which your Company operates and in the areas to which its products and services are intended.
  • International finance is also committed to invest exclusively in subjects which comply with ESG requirements. The major global players in the production and services industries, through their statements, have chosen to involve in their businesses only subjects that operate in the wake of sustainable development.
  • Data gathered through ESG Portal can be used by participating companies in relationships with banking institutions for aspects related to non-financial reporting (NFR), as already required at a regulatory level for many realities.
ESG Portal

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