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Legal Reasons

The main legal aspects which ESG Portal focuses on are those related to regulatory compliance with reference to labor law, contributions and insurance regularity, workplace safety and hygiene, management of environmental aspects, possession of the necessary authorizations for carrying out the businesses of the Company issued by institutional bodies.

This greatly impacts the operational continuity of organizations which, in the event of accidents, could see their activities suspended by control bodies.

Furthermore, the help that ESG Portal can provide to companies is useful to better identify the actions to be taken to prevent crimes related to aspects such as environment, workplace safety, use of irregular personnel, relations with public authorities, bribery and corruption, etc. ESG Portal contains a lot of information that a Company can use to demonstrate it has taken appropriate measures to prevent such crimes.

The information provided allow:

  • companies to identify possible weaknesses and shortcomings;
  • subjects who intend to make use of these organizations in their supply chain not to be unwittingly involved in events and dynamics which could cause serious damage to their image.

In terms of hygiene, workplace safety and protection of workers’ rights, it is verifiable that a company is respectful of those rights, both with reference to national laws and ILO (International Labour Organization) Documents, like:

  • ILO Convention No.87: “Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise”,
  • ILO Convention No.98: “Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention”,
  • ILO Conventions No.100: “Equal Remuneration” and No.111: “Discrimination (Employment and Occupation)”,
  • ILO Convention No.102: “Social Security (Minimum Standards)”,
  • ILO Convention No.131: “Minimum Wage Fixing Convention”,
  • ILO Convention No.135: “Workers’ Representatives”,
  • ILO Convention No.138 and Recommendation No.146: “Minimum Age”,
  • ILO Convention No.155 and Recommendation No.164: “Occupational Safety and Health,

and other international standards that have as their objective the enhancement and protection of all personnel directly controlled by the organization as well as personnel employed by its suppliers, subcontractors and including persons working from home.

The requirement to provide, among other evidence, documents which prove knowledge and the presence of the required legal authorizations to carry out the company activities allows everyone to fill any gaps and to demonstrate to potential customers and all interested parties the respect for legality.

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