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Ethical Reasons

Sustainability has now become a key issue both in public perception and in institutional programs. It finds its international and specific application in the ESG acronym - Environment, Social, Governance. The acronym has mainly been used in the economic and financial field to indicate all those financial activities which consider environmental, social and governance aspects and promote Responsible Investments.

Every country of the world is therefore called upon to contribute to the development of a worldwide sustainability model and to define strategies of sustainable development for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Consequently, not only the engagement concerns every single component of the society, but also every company (regardless of its size, industry and geographical location) is required to maintain a proactive approach to the sustainable development, through the implementation of new responsible business models, investments, innovation, technological upgrade and partnerships.

ESG Portal was created to develop and improve the ability of companies to communicate their commitment to sustainability to all the involved parties, namely, to the community, institutions, the labor market, institutional investors and the different players of the financial community.

The main goal of the ESG Portal is then helping businesses show the way they operate and the measures adopted to meet the growing demands of the market about sustainable development, in complete transparency and through a common model based on internationally recognized schemes.

The direction taken by governments has been well documented by regulatory measures adopted in the world and in Europe, but, in addition to legal provisions concerning the mitigation of climate change, there are several interventions of the scientific and religious context to take into consideration, with special reference to the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home.

The sensitivity of the younger generations on this issue will highly affect the evaluation of organizations: if they do not move towards ESG activities, they will probably meet a growing number of obstacles when entering into an increasingly selective market.

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